Conference Agenda!

What is on offer at DigiMUN 2020! 
The conference structure, speakers, socials and more!

There are 2 streams to the conference, University and High School which will run concurrently and share the opening and closing ceremony, but will have dedicated, tailored committees to the individual stream 


We endeavour to have high quality MUN debate during the day, with top chairs and small committees facilitating this


Inspirational speakers to provide insight to the debate and share their experiences


Events to replicate the social side found in physical MUN conferences 

Saturday 18th July

All times UK

12:00PM Opening ceremony

With guest speaker: John May, Secretary General of International Award (D of E), former Vice-Chairman of World Scout Committee

12:30PM Debate in committee begins!

(Debate will be in short 30-45 min sessions with short breaks in between in an 'unmoderated caucus style' - just like physical conferences).

16:30PM Debate finishes for day

17:00PM Social event ~1hour

Sunday 19th July 

All times UK

14:00PM Debate in committee begins for everyone

18:00PM Committee closing activities

18:30PM Closing ceremony

With guest speaker: Jason Levien, CEO of D.C United football club, Co-owner of Swansea City F.C and the Brisbane Bullets basketball club

Speechwriter for Keynote speech at the 2000 Democratic National Convention

19:00PM End of conference

19:00PM Social event ~1hour

Timings are subject to change and events may alter from what is displayed above.