DigiMUN 2020

First conference ran: 18th -19th July 2020
The MUN conference for the digital age
DigiMUN was a great success!
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 - Alasdair Hopwood, SG and Founder

DigiMUN 2020

The first conference in July was a great success, with delegates logging in from over 20 countries and 4 continents, with around one third not otherwise having access to MUN in their local area.

Some testimonials and feedback received after the conference:

“What stood out the most about DigiMUN was the digital infrastructure and its seamless implementation. Would definitely recommend!” (Abdullah)

“Thank you so much for your effort and cooperation and I really appreciate that”

“Loved it, it was a great experience”

Please contact me if you are interested in hearing more - Alasdair Hopwood, SG and Founder


Why DigiMUN? The idea for a digital conference has always existed, but the pressing crisis caused by Covid-19 has accelerated these efforts, to provide you with the fun MUN conference experience during the period of lock-down, uniting the world in a shared pursuit.

Two streams - tailored for you

High School

For those 13-18
Designed for every High School student, from a complete beginner to years of MUN experience!
We will categorise committees by experience, tailoring the issues and agenda to make the best experience possible - from dedicated introductory workshops in the beginners committees to in depth debate with expert chairs in the experienced committees. 


For those 18+
Designed for a university audience, we will be using British University ROP in small committee sizes to focus on very high quality debate and discussions. 

Run by expert chairs with university MUN experience, designed by the organisers of large University MUN conferences.

Conference Agenda

The planned timings, events and activities for DigiMUN 2020!
  • High-quality debate
  • Expert chairs
  • Guest Speakers
  • Social Events
  • Inter-delegate chat
  • Business-grade tech platforms
  • Open and closing ceremony

Meet the founder!

Alasdair Hopwood, the founder of DigiMUN explains the concept behind DigiMUN

Meet the team!

The experienced Exec Committee organising DigiMUN2020!


Register today! Please register before 14th July. Registrations closed.

Our Vision


DigiMUN is in a unique position since its digital platform means those from across the world can join in and participate, without travelling from your own home


Those who would not otherwise be able to participate in MUN conferences, due to a lack of local availability or difficulty in attending, can now become part of the amazing MUN experience



During this time of isolation and division, MUN is a platform that can unite and provide community with a common endeavour, bringing us together to discuss and debate global current issues

DigiMUN for you


To create a delegate experience that matches that of a real-world conference, with high quality debate combined with dynamic interactions with fellow delegates. Most importantly, MUN is fun!


Student Officers

The heart of every conference is the team behind it, that's why we have an 'All Star' team with chairs from some of the largest conferences in the world.



Placing technology at the heart of the conference, utilising innovative tools to advance the MUN conference experience into the digital age and make the experience better for everyone.